I bet you thought I’d go with a different title huh? Well… um.. YEAH!

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Just a little gift for Josh, and I wanted to share with everyone.


Just a little gift for Josh, and I wanted to share with everyone.



After months of purgatory, Fenix Gear finally emerges for sale! You can check it out at the “Buy Fenix Gear” option on your right. Once I get the paypal notification, I will email you the book within 48 hours.

Fenix Gear was an epic saga for me. Not just in terms of the story scope, but the journey to create it. The entire process of taking this small idea and turning it into a trade took almost 4 years filled with pitfalls and learning experiences. But I’m glad I can finally digitally share the hard work that Zack, Chrissy, and Jim strived to create. I don’t have much more to say except ENJOY! Really, enjoy the crap about of it.

OH! I do have something to say. I’m giving away 3 free digital downloads of the finished trade!

Just email me one of the following passcodes. First one for each code gets the free comic. If you already own it, please don’t deprive the any new readers the chance to experience Gear for the first time.

- Leylie Bay Leaves

- Zoe Cannoli 

- Carolyn Barrel Fish

Take care, and thank you for all your support!

Sooo, the exact score is this. Even though I am no longer selling on Kindle, and I am making no money on this, nor are they, I am being told that I have to stick to the KDP Select Contract I signed, and am NOT allowed to distribute the book (even here) in the digital format until the middle of March. To be clear, yes, they are 100% in their legal rights to do this, since I did sign the contract, and I am fortunate this exclusivity only lasts for a few more months.

However, I believe that there was no reason they SHOULDN’T let me out of the contract. No one wins here, and I am a humble independent publisher who makes about minimum wage, and Amazon is… well, they’re fucking Amazon, so I’m not sure why they care so much. In an age where word of mouth holds more power than we realize, I’m not sure why they’d go out of there way to not make customer relations something worth bragging about. I learned an important lesson, which is if you want something done right…

So, is there more FG coming? Well… yes, actually. Expect a mini to be released for the MOCCA 2012 comic festival in NYC. It will be bundled with an Unlife mini, which is the more prominent project in my comic life currently. Hopefully, I will one day get to tell the next book in the FG series, and that day will be soon. Unfortunately, that day isn’t today.

Still… doesn’t mean I can’t write it now…

I’ll see you in March. Keep reading Unlife and stay awesome.


Hey everyone,

So it’s been… a few weeks since I said I’d be announcing something big. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, so I thought I’d share what’s up.

Originally, Fenix Gear was going on Kindle. We made many attempts to work within their format, but after weeks of failed attempts and shifting resolution and submissions, we were never able to make it readable, nor sell the entire comic on the Amazon site, due to size and format restrictions.

I signed a thing with KDP, saying I had to remain exclusive to them for a period of time, even if I take it off their shelves. I’m trying to get out of the contract now, so I can try other avenues of digital distribution.

We were so excited to be able to supply you with Fenix Gear for the holidays, straight onto your kindle or ipad or what have you, and I apologize for not being able to make it work. Hopefully, in a week or two, I will have something for you. Honestly, I’m considering just doing paypal and emailing you the pdf. Sometimes the easiest solution is the best one…

Some other good news, though: We are now available in very select stores in the NYC region. Some of them are still being supplied with copies, so I’ll keep you posted on where soon (St. Marks and Jim Hanley’s Universe being the most immediate… Midtown and Forbidden Planet is pending).

Hope all is well everyone. And check out Unlife!


A preview of a big announcement. Zack made this sexy art and I had to throw it up. We originally intended to have a cover per chapter, but ran out of time before con. 

Big things coming soon. Make sure to grab that free issue 2 while you still can… It’ll be gone soon.

Hey everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know that issue #2 of Fenix Gear (the first one Zack worked on) is now available in it’s entirety online. A great jumping on point, Zack and I worked hard on these comics and with comic con done and dusted, I wanted to share as much of Fenix Gear as possible with you all. Just click on the “Fenix Gear Preview” button on the right and enjoy!

And, if you enjoy the preview, we will have information about ordering your own issue very VERY soon. Stay Tuned!

Finally, a big thank you to Zack for his birthday gift, as well as everyone else. CHEERS!


Happy Birthday (belated) Josh!


Hey everyone,

Been getting myself reoriented since con. Again, thank you to everyone who purchased a book. But if you didn’t purchase a book, you’re now getting a chance to rectify this.

Starting now, we are accepting Pre-Orders for Fenix Gear Vol. 1. No cash need be put down. Just send an email to JHBreidbart@gmail.com with the subject “FENIX GEAR”, specifying how many books you would like to order. Each book will be $20 + shipping and handling.

We’re still working to get a store or a real system, so bear with us for now. We will get you your books very soon.

We are also currently working with some people on digital distribution, so stay tuned for that.

Finally, I wanted everyone to know that pre-production on Vol. 2 is well underway. We are outlined and, once I get through some Unlife writing, I will be ready to script this bad boy. It’s gonna be awesome!

Thank you everyone! More updates soon!